20 June 2006


"George Berg and the Society of Arts: Interest, Improvement and the Meaning of a Practical Engagement," is posted here as 16 sections. You can read the article using the navigation keys found with any Web browser. Alternatively, click on the section title at the right to go directly to that section.

Each section has an area for reader’s comments—about the paper and about other comments. To read the comments or to contribute your own, click on the word “Comments” found at the end of the appropriate section. This will bring you to a new page that includes instructions about posting.* It is my hope that you will use the comment features to discuss the details of the paper and its topic in general. The discussion will remain open for about six months.

I wrote this paper for presentation at a meeting of the William Shipley Group for RSA History; I have placed it here under the auspices of that group. I am grateful to Susan Bennett, Hon. Secretary of the William Shipley Group, and to Nicola Allen, Archivist and Records Manager for the Royal Society of Arts, for their enthusiastic encouragement of this project. I wish also to thank David Williams-Thomas for allowing me unrestricted access to the experiment book of George Berg.

One further note: The endnotes are not at present hotlinked. To access them, click on the "Notes" section at right, or page down to the bottom of the article.

* As discussion monitor, I will not edit your contributions, but I will remove any post I consider irrelevant or offensive.


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